Corporation How-to

Dear Corporation customer,

Step 1:

To register with Amadeus Service please click on the link Register by ensuring that you have selected the Corporations option from the login page:


Step 2:

Then you will be invited to fill in a registration form:


All the fields are required (except your phone number).


  1. Please provide your professional email address. This address has to be unique and personal. So, please do not use a generic email address. This email address corresponds to the login, this is why Aamdeus Service Hub accepts only unique email address for the Corporations registration process
  2. Please be very accurate when you fill your company name. It will help your approver to associate you to your right agency/company

Once you accept the Term and conditions and you click on register, your request is automatically sent to the Corporations approvers. They will verify the provided information. If everything is correct they will validate the request (please keep in mind that could take sevral days)


Step 3:

Then you will receive one email reminding your login (email address) and another one providing a temporary password.


Step 4:

To login, please select the Corporations option. Enter your email address as login and enter your temporary password. You will be invited to change your password at the first login.

You can now access Amadeus Service Hub !