Ground Handler How-to

Amadeus Security Management credentials [also know as Logon and Security Server (LSS)] are mandatory in order to access Amadeus Service Hub.

  • If you already have access to Amadeus products (e.g. Customer Management, Flight Management, Sequence Manager, etc.), log in with the same LSS credentials.
  • If you do not have any LSS credentials, please contact your Amadeus Account Manager or your local LSS administrator in order to get them.

1. From the Amadeus Service Hub login page, select Ground Handler & Airport

2. Select your method to log in: User ID and Organisation ID or Office ID and Agent Sign 

  • Select User ID and Organisation ID to log in with your User ID, Organisation ID and password.
    The Organisation ID corresponds to your 2-digit IATA code (e.g. 06, 09, 22, 34, ...) or your LSS organisation ( e.g. IATA-XXX).


  • Select Office ID and Agent Sign to log in with your Office ID, Agent Sign, and password.


3. Click on Sign In.

If you are a first-time user, the Amadeus Service Hub self-registration screen will open in a new window.

4. On the self-registration screen, start typing your name in the Select one of the users dropdown list.

4.1 If your name appears in the list, select your name.

4.2 If your name does not appear in the list, select I am not in the list.

5. Complete the missing mandatory information (marked as Required).

6. Tick the box I am aware of the Amadeus Data Protection Policy.

7. Click Register.

You are now registered and can access Amadeus Service Hub