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null How to price a PNR

How to price a PNR


1. To price the itinerary for the current PNR, and create a TST, enter: FXP.

Note: If you are using the pricing override functionalities, the TST in your PNR may be considered manual. It is your responsibility to obtain authorization from the airline owning the fare or the ticket you are modifying.

System Response:


 * FARE BASIS * DISC    * PSGR      * FARE<EUR> * MSG *T
01 KEEUS      *          * P1         *   2913.05 *      *Y
02 KHWPXUS+K* *          * P1         *   1603.05 *      *Y
03 KHWAPUS+K* *          * P1         *   1491.05 *      *Y
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When several fares apply, the system displays a list of fares for you to choose from.

2. To select the fare on line 3, enter: FXT 03

System Response:

 PAR 6X 0065 K K 01SEP 1535 KHWAPUS         01SEP01SEP PC
 LAX 6X 0068 K K 16SEP 1320 KHXAPUS         16SEP16SEP PC
USD 1267.00      01SEP02LAX 6X PAR648.506X LAX618.50NUC
EUR 1423.00      1267.00END ROE1.000000
EUR     8.99QX    XT EUR 3.58FR EUR 5.61YC EUR 14.82US EUR
EUR     6.66FR    14.82US EUR 3.48XA EUR 6.73XY EUR 3.36XF
EUR    52.40XT    LAX3.00
EUR 1491.05
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3. If you are pricing several passengers at the same time, with the same fare, you have to passenger-select with the FXT entry. For example, if you have five passengers in a PNR, and you are choosing the fare on line 3, enter: FXT03/P1-5

4. To price a different passenger type code (PTC), e.g. CH, enter: FXT1/P1//2/P2

01 Q64FLX9A * *        P1   * 445.10 *     *Y
02 * CH *              P2 *   355.10 *     *Y

More details:

You can add options to further define your pricing requirements. The options apply equally to FXP and FXX.

Examples of Pricing Options

Entry Explanation
FXX/A-JRT Prices the whole itinerary with one fare basis code. The pricing overrides the exceptions table.
FXP/INF Prices all infant passengers
FXP/PAX Prices all non-infant passengers
FXP/B2  Indicates a fare break point at the destination of segment 2
FXP/B3/B5  Indicates fare break points at the destination of segments 3 and 5
FXP/BT-3  Indicates a fare turnaround point at the destination of segment 3
FXP/P3  Prices the itinerary for passenger 3
FXP/P2,4,6 Prices an itinerary for a selection of passengers
FXP/P4-9 Prices an itinerary for a range of passengers
FXP/RIN  Prices a fare with an infant discount
FXP/RIN/P2  Prices the infant, who is traveling with passenger 2
FXP/RCH/P4  Prices with a child discount for passenger 4
FXP/RCD  Prices all passengers in the PNR using the passenger type code for senior citizens
FXP/RMIL,*PTC Prices only the PTC for military.
FXP/P2/PAX/RYTH//INF  Prices the adult passenger 2 with a youth discount, and include the accompanying infant
Prices using expanded parameters (no penalties)
Prices using multiple expanded parameters
FXP/S2PO  Prices using the tariff for global routing PO
Prices an open segment in C class on 6X from FRA to LHR, after segment 2. 
Prices only segment 2, and an open segment in C class for FRA LHR
Note: You can request a maximum of four open segments per transaction.
FXP/OPEN  Prices an open return as a mirror image of the outbound segment
FXP/S3  Prices only segment 3 of the itinerary
FXP/S3,5,7  Prices a selection of segments
FXP/S3-9  Prices a range of segments
FXP/S4X  Prices and indicate segment 4 as a transfer point
FXP/S4X/S6X  Prices and indicate segments 4 and 6 as transfer points
FXP/S3S Prices a stopover at the arrival city
FXP/R,FRA  Prices and indicate the point of sale and ticketing as FRA
FXP/R,FRA.PAR  Prices and indicates that the point of sale is FRA, and point of ticketing is PAR
FXP/R,IATA  Overrides the rules source, use IATA
Note: Only applicable to AF fares.
FXP/R,ET  Prices and exempts all taxes
FXP/R,11JUL0x  Prices at a past validation date
FXP/R,VC-XX Specify a validating carrier at the time of pricing or repricing and ticketing (xx = airline code)
FXP/R,WT  Prices and withholds taxes
FXX /R, U*000001-000002-*FRATELECOM  Prices the itinerary for the corporations 000001 and 000002 and also for the corporation named FRATELECOM.
  • Enter HE FARES OPTIONS for more information.
FXP/R,FC-USD Pricing entry by specifying one specific currency
FXP/REMI Pricing entry for first time immigrant fare

Examples of Combining Pricing Options

Entry Explanation
FXP/P1-2/S2-4/S8X/S9 Prices passengers 1 and 2, segments 2 through 4, and segments 8 and 9. Indicates a transfer for segment 8.
FXP/P1,2/S5X/R,LON.FRA Prices all segments for passengers 1 and 2, indicates segment 5 as a transfer. The point of sale is London and point of ticketing is Frankfurt
FXP/R,U  Prices Amadeus Unifares
FXP/R,U123456 Prices Amadeus Unifares for a corporate code
  • For information about how to use the pricing options, see HE FAR, GP OPT.