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null Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: Cryptic Magic Module

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: Cryptic Magic Module


Cryptic Magic provides a text field from within the graphic workflow into which you can enter a limited number of cryptic commands that will populate the Booking File.

The shortcut to the Cryptic Magic field is Ctrl + M.

The Cryptic Magic entry line is available from anywhere in the application:

This is the Cryptic Magic text field. Enter cryptic commands here.
By clicking on this symbol, a history of recent commands will be displayed. These can be edited and re-entered.
Use this dropdown list to select another GDS provider.


The Cryptic Magic entry line has the following features:

  • A cryptic command can be typed directly into the Cryptic Magic text field.
  • After a command is recognised, the background changes to green.
  • When a command is not recognised, the user is redirected to the command page.

Cryptic Magic can be used to enter a variety of commands, including (but not limited to) availability and scheduling, fare quote display, fare notes, flight information, short sell and pricing commands for Amadeus. You can also use some Sabre commands with Cryptic Magic.


Cryptic Magic History


The following sections provide you with more details on the available cryptic commands:


Availability and Scheduling Commands


Fare Quote Display Commands


Fare Notes Commands


Flight Information Commands


Informative Display Commands


Long Sell, Ghost, Passive, Information Commands


Pricing Commands


Short Sell Commands


Timetable Commands


Cryptic Magic Multi-GDS


Sabre entries

We do have in Amadeus Direct, e-university tab, the Conversion information which is available to conversion customers and can be printed out that offer the basic Sabre, Apollo and Worldspan formats.


Note: If a non-supported Cryptic Magic command (i.e. has not yet been translated from cryptic to graphic) is entered, a function called Force Cryptic is activated and the user is given the option to execute the command in the Command Page or to re-enter another command.