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null Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: Profiles Module

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: Profiles Module


A profile is a record containing useful information about an individual traveller, group of travellers, company, or agency that can help you when you make a reservation.

Each time you make a booking, you can load information from a profile, eliminating the need to manually enter the information each time.

The Profiles module allows you to search for, display, transfer, create and modify your customers' profiles. You can also define follow-up actions for each profile, as a reminder of tasks that you need to complete.

From the new profiles interface, you can now add, view or modify OSI (Other Service Information) elements directly in the Air Preferences menu of the traveller profile.

To access Amadeus Profiles, select Retrieve Profile tab on the Main page menu.

Alternatively, you can access Profiles when you create a new profile.

What are the four types of profiles?

Four types of profiles are available.

Profile Description
Company profile This profile stores information about a company for which the agency provides travel services. Each company profile can have multiple traveller profiles associated to it.
It can be linked to other company profiles within the same organisation and it can inherit travel policies.

Traveller profile

This profile includes the traveller's contact details, payment information, meal or seat preferences and any special service requests.
It can be associated to company profiles.
For business travellers, you can combine the travel policy stored within a company profile with the traveller's preferences stored in the traveller profile.

Agency profile

This profile stores information such as special phone numbers, remarks and preferred providers. You can set up an agency profile that contains information related to your own office ID.
Note: Only one profile is allowed for each office ID.
Group profile This profile stores information about a group of travellers such as a sports team or a family. Each group profile can have multiple travellers associated to it.