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null Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: How to price an itinerary using itinerary pricing

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: How to price an itinerary using itinerary pricing


Itinerary pricing enables you to price an itinerary with a list of applicable fares based upon your search criteria where one or more passengers are present, along with at least one segment in the Booking File.

The itinerary can also be priced with no passengers present in the Booking file, if this option is enabled.

You can view the passengers and segments in the Air Pricing Options page.

To price an itinerary using Itinerary Pricing:

1. Select the passengers (if available) or the segments to price.

2. Specify any advanced options such as Fare Type, Taxes, Surcharges or Fare Restriction Type to further narrow the pricing options.

3. Select the Pricing Mode to Apply, for example: Price - No TST (FXX) (see section below).

Pricing Modes

Note: If you are pricing segments in an itinerary without any passengers present (if this option is available to you), you will not be able to confirm or store the priced itinerary in a TST.

4. Click on Price.

5. Select a fare to display its ticket image.

6. Display and propose any available upgrades. (Refer to article "How to rebook an itinerary upgrade".)


7. If required, rebook the itinerary.

8. Click on Confirm & Create TST to book the flights in the new booking class (if applicable) and to generate a TST in the Booking File.