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null Amadeus Offers: How to create an air offer

Amadeus Offers: How to create an air offer


1. Make sure the air segments you want to offer are in your PNR. They may originate from:

  • Classic availability search
  • Travel recommendation based on low fare search engine (Best Pricer,  Master Pricer Expert, for example).
  • Previous booking (meaning segments were already in the PNR at PNR retrieval)

2. Perform an informative pricing entry (FXX) on the segments you would like to offer.

All options of FXX can be applied there. If needed, select the fare in the list with the FXT entry.

3. After the price display screen, enter:


OFS        transaction code
/A         slash, airline option, optional


The priced segments are removed from the face of the PNR and the inventory is released.

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