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null How to enter a ghost segment

How to enter a ghost segment


When a flight segment is confirmed from a source other than the Amadeus System, you can enter it into the PNR as a ghost segment so you can maintain a passenger's complete itinerary and price the segments.

You use the GK status code to enter a confirmed ghost segment or GL for a waitlisted ghost segment.

The difference between ghost segment and passive segment is:

  • The status code is GK
  • You cannot issue tickets
  • You can enter segments for all airlines
  • Messages are not sent to the airline **

When entering a ghost segment, you must enter the record locator or airline sales agent identification number.

The flight times are optional. If the times are different to those stored in Amadeus, your times override the times in the system.

  • ** Refer to the More details section below for more information about the system processing. 

Short Sell

You can use the short sell entry from a displayed availability. For example:

** AMADEUS AVAILABILITY - AN **          225 TU 10JUN 1200N
1   6X 044  A9 D9 F1 Y9/MIA EWR  100P    400P   E0/M807    3:00
            H9 K9 B9 V9 Q9 T9
2   7X 920  F7 Y7 B7 H7/MIA EWR  120P    428P   E0.7577    3:08
            M7 K7 Q7 V7 N7 S7 L7



Component Identifies
/GK Slash, ghost segment status code
/RECLOC slash, airline record locator



  2  6X 044 K 10JUN 2 MIAEWR GK1            100P 400P   ABC123


Long Entry format


Component Identifies
SS Transaction Code
TW123 Airline code and flight number
C + 12JUN Class of service + departure date
LHRJFK Departure and Arrival cities
GK Ghost segment status code
1 Number of passengers

Slash followed by the flight times (in 24 or 12 hour format) (optional)

You can add the plus 1 or 2 days, or minus a day, in your time entry if the arrival date is different from the departure date. For example:




/ABC123 Slash, Agent sign or record locator (7 char.max).



   2  6X6124 Y 10JUN 2 MIAMAD GK1            115A 235P   A1B2C3


Flights beyond the airlines's valid date range

You can also use ghost segments to create a booking that is beyond the airline's date range. The segment is stored in the PNR with the date, year and any ghost status code. For example,  to sell a segment 15 months away (current date being 12JUL19):

SS LH4716 C 12OCT20 MUCSTN GK1 /17251815 /ABC123

System response:

    1  LH4716 C 12OCT20 MUCSTN GK1  1655    1725 1815   FUTUR


Note: The day of the week has been replaced by the year information. A warning line and the 'futur' tag are added to the segment.

Later on, when the segment comes within the airline's date range, the pnr is queue placed to queue 10 for you to manually sell the segment.

More details

Ghost segments are used essentially in order to be able to produce a quotation for an itinerary without actually booking  any segments. The information in a ghost segment is never sent to the carrier via TYPE-B traffic.

Note: if the carrier has subscribed to Amadeus PNR datafeed, PNRs containing ghost segments on that carrier's flights may also be present in the feed.

Ghost segments can be used with all carriers, including Altéa Reservation Airlines. These carriers may retrieve PNRs that contain ghost segments on its flights. However, some carriers may restrict certain types of user, such as travel agencies, from creating ghost segments.

When you create a ghost segment, the system checks that the data you enter matches its own data. If it does not, the system issues a warning message, but accepts your data if you do not correct it.

Note: for system user airlines the data you enter must match the data in Amadeus. If it does not, the system issues a warning message, and the data is not accepted.