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Fare Families: How to price an itinerary by Fare Family


1. To know what fare families are applicable to your itinerary, enter your pricing request and consult the pricing display.

Example: FXA

  * FARE BASIS *  DISC    *  PSGR      * FARE<EUR>  * MSG  *T
01 YPR26X     *          * P1         *    716.40  *      *Y
02 HPR26X+NV* *          * P1         *    421.40  *      *Y
03 KVA26X+NV* *          * P1         *    396.40  *      *Y
04 MVA26X+NB* *          * P1         *    361.40  *      *Y
05 PVA26X+NB* *          * P1         *    336.40  *      *Y
06 TVA26X+NB* *          * P1         *    311.40  *      *Y
07 VVA26X+SB* *          * P1         *    301.40  *      *Y
08 VVA26X+NV* *          * P1         *    301.40  *      *Y
09 LBA26X+NB* *          * P1         *    291.40  *      *Y
10 VVA26X+NB* *          * P1         *    291.40  *      *Y
11 VBA26X+NB* *          * P1         *    276.40  *      *Y
*1-11*TICKET STOCK RESTRICTION                             
FARE FAMILIES:    (FOR MORE DETAILS: FQFn)                 
*1*FARE FAMILIES: PROB                                     
*2*FARE FAMILIES: PROB      ,VALUED                        
*3,8*FARE FAMILIES: VALUED                                 
*4-7,10*FARE FAMILIES: VALUED    ,BASIC                    
*9,11*FARE FAMILIES: BASIC                                 

>                                                 PAGE  1/ 1

Fare family names (if any) are appended at the end of the pricing display. The fare component and the flight segments to which the fare family is applied are also displayed. In the above example, there are three fare families:

PROB applicable to fare lines 1 and 2

VALUED applicable to fare lines 2-8 and 10

BASIC applicable to fares 9 and 11

2. To price by fare family, add the option /FF- followed by the fare family name to your pricing request.


This returns all fares in the requested fare family for the full itinerary.

 * FARE BASIS *  DISC    *  PSGR      * FARE<EUR>  * MSG  *T
01 LBA26X+NB* *          * P1         *    291.40  *      *Y
02 VBA26X+NB* *          * P1         *    276.40  *      *Y

*1-2*TICKET STOCK RESTRICTION                              
FARE FAMILIES:    (FOR MORE DETAILS: FQFn)                 
*1-2*FARE FAMILIES: BASIC                                  
>                                                 PAGE  1/ 1

3. If needed, use the follow-up entry FQFn (where n is the fare line number) to display the fare family description and fare breakdown for a specific fare line.

Example: FQF2

The FQF displays the fare family name, followed by the fare family description. The services are grouped together by the category and all services are listed individually.

4. You can associate different fare families (up to a maximum of six) to different segments in the same pricing entry


/FF2-BASIC Fare family BASIC for segment 2
/FF3-VALUED   Fare family VALUED for segments 3 and 4

Example: FXP/FF2,3-BASIC/FF6,7-VALUED - or - FXP/FF2,3-BASIC/FF6,7-VALUED/S2-7

/FF2,3-BASIC Fare Family BASIC for segments 2 and 3
  Any Fare Family (or no FF at all) for segments 4 and 5
/FF6,7-VALUED   Fare Family VALUED for segments 6 and 7
/S2-7 Segment association (optional)

Example: FXP/S2,3,6,7/FF2,3-BASIC

/S2,3,6,7 Price segments 2,3, 6 and 7 only
/FF2,3-BASIC Fare Family BASIC for segments 2 and 3
  No specific Fare Family for segments 6 and 7

More details

The /FF option is available to travel agencies only.

The /FF option can be used with any pricing or best pricing transaction, but cannot be combined with a specific fare basis option (/L-)

The /FF option does not override the pricing rules or the fare construction. It only selects the fares that are to be priced, and that are part of the requested fare family.

For further information on Amadeus Fare Family feature, refer to the Amadeus Help Page: HE AFF