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null Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: How to display available fares for a city pair (FQD)

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: How to display available fares for a city pair (FQD)


A fare display allows you to display the available fares for a city pair. You can access YY fares and published fares and view the fare conditions and price breakdown for each fare.

Note: YY fares have been rescinded starting from 31 October 2018, and are no longer processed. However, they will remain available in the system until 31 October 2020, for reissuing/refunding purposes.

1. Select the Fare Display (FQD) option in the Search By drop-down list.

2. Enter the search criteria.

3. Using the autocomplete functionality from the drop-down box, specify the cabin class. You can either enter the one-letter cabin class code or the first letter of the cabin class name. For example, to specify a cabin class for Business, you can either enter C (the class code for Business) or B (the first letter of the class name).

  • F - First
  • C - Business
  • Y - Economy including Economy Premium
  • W - Economy Premium
  • M - Economy without Economy Premium

4. If you want to display the fares for a specific airline only, enter the airline code. Up to three airlines can be specified for a search.

If you do not enter an airline, the results will show the available fares for all airlines provided you do not request YY fares.

5. To request YY fares, select the YY Fares check box under More Search Options.

6. To refine your search, add a fare request type or specify any fare restrictions, taxes or fees, select the additional search options under More Search Options.

7. Click on Search.