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null Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: How to switch between offices after signing in

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: How to switch between offices after signing in


Note: A multiple office support parameter must be enabled for this feature. Refer to the More details section below for explanation.

1. Click on the Office ID in the lower-right corner of the task bar.

An Office ID pop-up window is displayed with a list of the offices available.

2. If you have offices that are accessible using guest authentication, a More button is available. Click on this button to see these guest offices.

Here is an explanation of the types of login areas:

  • Standard Login Area - Users can switch to available offices that are within the same organisation only. They can continue to switch between any of these offices during their login session.
  • Guest Login Area - Users can switch to available guest offices within the same organisation or in another organisation. However after they have switched to a guest office, they can only switch back to the original office where they came from.

3. To filter the list of offices, enter part of the office ID in the text field of the pop-up window to display only the offices matching that part of the ID.

4. Click on the office ID that you want to change to.

  • A new session for that office opens in another window or another tab of the same window without the need to sign in again.
  • The new office ID is displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the screen and in the browser tab.
  • If you have logged into a guest office, this is displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the screen next to your login details
More details

If the site parameter is enabled, multiple office support grants you access to several different offices using the same username and password. This allows you to work on the Booking Files of different offices at the same time.

You can choose a different office during sign in, or sign in using the default office.

With a different site parameter, you can also change to other authorised offices after you sign in, which allows you to quickly switch between offices without going back to the login page each time.

A user can sign in different offices on condition that all theses offices are defined in Amadeus Security Management as login areas.