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null Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: What is the Query Report (TJQ)?

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: What is the Query Report (TJQ)?


The Query report (TJQ) contains a list of all documents that were issued or refunded for a single date or date range.

The report includes the total fare, taxes, fees and commission.


The document sequence number of the transaction, from 00001 to 99999.
An asterisk after the sequence number indicates that the sale has been confirmed.

The three-character code for the validating airline of that document.

The 10-digit document number.

The form of payment, either:

  • CA for cash or check,

  • CC for credit card payment,

  • MX for multiple forms of payment (cash and credit card), or

  • NR for net remit.

The last two characters of the agent sign of the issuing agent.

The four-character transaction code.