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null Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: What is the booking flow for a hotel?

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: What is the booking flow for a hotel?


The graphical user interface guides you through the complete booking flow.

Each step in the flow is presented on a separate page. A highlighted arrow at the top of the screen shows which step you are at in the booking process.

Step 1: Search for a hotel

Use the Search page to specify the search criteria, including location and dates of stay.

Step 2: Select and book a hotel room

The Hotels page displays a list of hotels that match the search criteria and have rooms available for the dates that you requested.

From this page, you can display hotel details, choose a hotel, and book a room.

Step 3: Enter the traveller and payment details

When you have selected a hotel room, the Booking page is displayed automatically, allowing you to enter the traveller and payment details.

Step 4: Confirm the booking

After you have completed the booking and it has been confirmed by the hotel, the Confirmation page is displayed.

The Confirmation page shows all the details of the hotel booking, including traveller information, hotel reservation number, hotel details, rate information, and hotel preferences.

From this page, you can print or email the booking details or book another hotel for the same traveller (in the same Booking File).

To confirm the hotel booking, you should complete the Booking File by entering all the required Booking File elements (for example, Contact, Received From) and then save the Booking File.

You can do this either in the Booking File module or in the Command Page.