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null Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: How to apply for an Australian visa

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: How to apply for an Australian visa


1. In the Tools menu, expand Australian Visa and click on Visa Application.

Alternatively, click on Australian Visa Application in the What do you want to do next? section of an open Booking File.

2. Complete the Visa Request Form and click on Request Visa.

Note: An email address and at least one phone number is now mandatory for a visa application.

The visa response informs you if the visa is accepted or rejected.

3. To request another visa, click on Request Next Visa.

4. Otherwise, click on Close.

For Australian Visa application, inquiry and history via the cryptic commands in Selling Platform Connect, the same cryptic entries are used.

Note: you need to be in the 3270 session to have the cursor that can type over the dots to enter the passenger details.

The 3270 box in the right corner should be in green.  If you are not in the 3270 session, that box is greyed out and you will see the cursor placed in the command prompt and cannot be moved around.

For more information on the cryptic entries, please refer to article How to request an ETAS (Australian visa).

If you do not have a 3270 session, check your command page personal settings or contact your local ACO helpdesk.

Alternative solution if you do not have 3270 session in Selling Platform Connect