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null Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: Productivity Suite module

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: Productivity Suite module




Productivity Suite is a suite of tools that increases the quality of the Booking File by streamlining the overall booking flow. Each tool can be activated or deactivated by Site Manager, which means each agency can choose only the


To access Productivity Suite, on the Main page of Selling Platform Connect, expand the Tools menu.

From within the Productivity Suite, you have access to the following:

  • File finishing
  • Smart flows
  • Smart key translation
  • Smart triggers
  • Quality monitor

The following User roles are available:

Role Permission
User This role is assigned by default to any agent who requires access to Selling Platform Connect.
Any user can perform the following actions with Productivity Suite tools:
  • Run Smart Flows.
  • Create and manage personal Smart Flows.
Office Administrator This role is assigned specifically to an office administrator.
An office administrator can perform the following actions with Productivity Suite tools:
  • Create and manage File Finishing rules.
  • Create and manage personal and office Smart Flows.
  • Create and manage Smart Triggers.
  • Create and manage Quality Monitor rules.
  • Share or stop sharing items.
An office administrator can be granted the rights to manage all the Productivity Suite tools or to manage individual tools only.

The Main List page is the default page for Productivity Suite tools. It displays all the items that have been created at user or office level.

Note: For each item, the Created in column shows the office in which the item was created. Items can be shared with other offices.

You can sort the columns in the list by clicking on the title bars.

The action buttons at the bottom of the list allow you to manage items, depending on the tool you are using.

Note: If you are an office administrator, the Switch to Sharing View link also appears at the bottom of the list of office-level items.

Sharing Items in Productivity Suite

Sharing allows Productivity Suite items to be shared between offices.

Note: You must be the office administrator for all the offices that want to share an item.

You can share office-level File Finishing rules, Quality Monitor rules, Smart Flows and Smart Triggers.

Sharing Restrictions

  • An item can only be shared and edited from the office in which it was created.
  • After it is shared, an item cannot be renamed.

Activating and Deactivating Shared Items

If applicable, you can activate and deactivate a shared item in an individual office without affecting its status (active or deactivated) in the other offices.

Deleting Shared Items

  • You can only delete a shared item from the office where it was created.
    Note: If a sharing office does not want to use the shared item, it can be deactivated or hidden in that office.
  • When a shared item is deleted, it is deleted in all the offices that share it.