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You may receive this error message when trying to issue a ticket or an EMD.

Possible cause:

  • You entered an incorrect validating carrier in the FV element of the PNR 
    Or  the airline is not part of the itinerary
    Or  your office is not allowed to issue tickets with the validating carrier
  • The validating airline is only allowed as e-ticket Direct Distribution, and you forgot the /T- option in the TTP entry
  • The transporting airline is different from the validating carrier and there is no EMD issuance agreement
  • You are trying to price an EMD (a Seat for example) with the FXG entry

Customer Action

Amadeus recommends that you do NOT manually select the validating carrier. This ensures that the preferred validating carrier is automatically selected according to industry standards for pricing and ticketing.

The Amadeus validation process is controlled by IATA/BSP. Amadeus only allows ticketing with carriers that have signed a PCA agreement.

  • For information on all the steps below, enter HE INTERLINE and GG BSP or GG ARC

Note: It is your responsibility to check the interline agreements if Amadeus does not contain an Interline Agreement Table for the airline.


1. Check the TST to make sure that there is not more than one TST or that it includes all the segments you are trying to issue.

If more than one, you need to segment associate the FV elements.

  • For information on TST, refer to the Amadeus Help page HE TST
  • For information on segment association, refer to the Amadeus Help page HE PNR

2. Enter TGAD-YY or TGAD-XX/YY (where XX and YY are the airline codes) to check the Interline Ticket Agreement between the carriers in the itinerary.

3. Enter TGBD-CC/YY (where CC is country of issuance and YY is airline code) to check if the airline is part of the Settlement Reporting Plan in your country.

4. If the airline is not in the Settlement Reporting Plan, check if the airline is in the General Sales Agent (GSA) table in your country: TGGSD-CC (where CC is country of issuance)

  • For information, refer to the Amadeus Help page HE BSP or the Amadeus Information page GGGSA.

5. Choose another carrier to validate your ticket.

To override the restriction in case the carrier allows the issuance please add the following information in the TTP entry: TTP/ V*xx (where xx is the code of the validating carrier).

The fail code R is printed on the ticket and you are fully responsible for this validation.

  • For information, refer to the Amadeus Help page HE FV

6. Check your office profile settings.

  • If you are a BSP agent, check the Ticketing Carrier Restrictions (LAT) field. Enter PVA/LAT to see the list of airlines allowed to be used as a validating carrier. If the airline is not there, you cannot issue tickets (or EMDs). For information, enter GGASKPROLAT
  • If you are an ARC agent, check the Prohibited Ticketing Carrier (APC) field. Enter PVA/APC to see if your agency has been blocked from issuing tickets for that given carrier. For information, enter GGASKPROAPC
  • For information on the Settlement Reporting Plan table for a specific airline, refer to the Amadeus Help pages HE BSP


The airline entered in the FV element is not part of the BSP (if any) that this office reports to. The validating airline is only allowed as e-ticket Direct Distribution.

1. Append the /T- option followed by the airline code to the TTP entry.

Example: TTP/ET/T-xx (where xx= airline code)

2. Verify that this airline is listed in the AAS field of the office profile. Enter PVA/AAS.

* * * * * * * * * * * * TICKETING CARRIER RESTRICTIONS * * * *


Note: The airline can be added to the list only if Direct Distribution has been implemented for this airline on the market and the airline authorizes this travel agency to issue such tickets on its plate.


If issuing an EMD, check if the transporting airline has an EMD issuance agreement with the validating carrier, or check the GSA.

Example: TGAD-AA/KL



The codes displayed in the table indicate the agreements that exist (with the airline listed to the left) as follows:

  • T: Ticketing
  • P: Prepaid (PTA)
  • TE: Electronic ticketing
  • D: EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document)

In the example above, AA is does not EMD agreements with KL.


It also can happen when you price an Ancillary Service (seat for example) with FXG. It prices with Flight Operator Plate, but the Office ID does not have that Plate in LAT Field (BSP Market). You should:

  1. Delete TSM,
  2. verify if Operating Carrier and Validating Carrier has EMD
  3. Issuance Agreement and re-price it with FXG/VC-xx (xx is the validating carrier)


If the problem persists, contact your Amadeus Help Desk (or Representative). Provide the following information to help investigation:

  • Timestamp of your entry. For this, enter $$DUMP from the Command panel right after your entry, then copy the output.
  • Exact error message received
  • Scenario to reproduce the error
  • Expected result