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null Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) : Pricing options

Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) : Pricing options


Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) allows you to automatically recalculate and prepare the necessary documents for reissuing or revalidating a ticket.

Here are some of the options you may add to your pricing entry:

Entry                                                                    Explanation

FXF Informative pricing entry (no TST creation)
FXQ Confirmed pricing entry (TST creation)
FXQ/P1-3,5  Passenger association
FXF/S4-5,7 Segment selection
FXF/TKT172-1234567890/P1  With ticket number to be exchanged (passenger 
association is mandatory)
FXQ/TKT172-1234567890/P2/INF With ticket number to be exchanged for an infant
FXQ/S5/T15-20 With ticket number for more than one passengers i.e  tickets in line 15 to 20
FXF/T18 With ticket line number i.e ticket in line 18 
FXQ/R,U Using unifares
FXF/R,UP Using both public and unifares
FXQ/R,U123456 Using corporate unifares
FXF/RZZ Using discount code i.e ZZ-youth fare
FXQ/RSEA,*PTC Using only specific Passenger Type Code
FXF/R,*RF Adding expanded parameters ie. RF for refundable fares 
FXQ/KF Cabin selection i.e F for first class cabin
FXF/A-YOWRT Using specific valid Fare Basis i.e YOWRT
FXQ/FF Use same fare family as in previous pricing
FXF/FF-BIZ Target a specific fare family i.e BIZ
FXQ/FF2-BIZ/FF3-BIZSVR Different fare families per segment


For more information about the pricing options in Amadeus Ticket Changer, see HE ATC, GP TCO.